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BPUT Grading System CGPA and SGPA

BPUT Grading System CGPA and SGPA 2023 Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) Odisha Rourkela: The BPUT Grading System for B.Arch, B.Pharm, B.Tech, M.Pharm, M.Sc, M.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Arch,  M.Sc.I, MAM, MBAP, B.Plan, M.Plan and IMBA.

BPUT Grading System

BPUT Grading System

The BPUT Result 2023 scores will be in form of grades. A letter grading system shall be followed in the BPUT University. The uniform Grading System to be followed for all Academic Programmes (except Ph.D.and D.Sc) shall be as described below: A Nine-Point grading system on the base of 10 shall be followed in the University. Categorization of these grades and their correlation shall be as under:

Grade Meaning Score Points


Outstanding 90 to 100 10


Excellent 80 to 89 9


Very Good 70 to 79 8


Good 60 to 69 7


Fair 50 to 59 6


Below Average 37 to 49 5


Failed Below 37 2


Malpractice 0


Absent 0

Grade sheet would be issued year wise to students who have cleared all the subjects as per the syllabus. Grade C shall be considered as average, Grade D shall be pass Grade for theory and Grade C shall be Pass Grade for Practical / Sessional  Project / Seminar / Viva – Voce.


A student’s level of competence shall be categorized by a GRAD POINT AVERAGE to be specified as:

  • SGPA – Semester grade point average.
  • CGPA – Cumulative grade point average.

It shall be the basis for judging his/ her overall competence in the course Definition Of terms:

  • a) POINT – Integer equivalent each letter grade,
  • b) CREDIT –  Integer signifying the relative emphasis of individual course item(s) in a semester as
    indicated by the Course structure and syllabus.
  • c) CREDIT POINTS: (b×a) for each course item.
  • d) CREDIT INDEX: ∑CREDIT POINTS of course items in a semester.

SGPA – Semester Grade Point Average:

Calculate BPUT SGPA in Grading System

CGPA – Cumulative Grade Point Average:

Calculate BPUT CGPA Grading System

Equivalent Percentage of Marks:

The following formula may be used by the concerned organization/ individual at their discretion to obtain the equivalent percentage of marks for the CGPA awarded to the students of this University.

  • Equivalent Percentage of Marks = (CGPA-0.50)×10

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