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EMS Results 2023

EMS Results 2023 Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bengaluru. The EMS main results portal is. There is another college portal for Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Karnataka offers various UG and PG courses for the students. This campus published their exam results in

EMS Results 2023


  • The Higher Education Department, Govt. of Karnataka has decided to use a common, secured IT infrastructure for the implementation of the EMS (Examination Management System) among all universities in the state. Therefore, the dept. has requested the e-Governance Dept., Govt. of Karnataka to provide two VMs (Virtual Machine) for each university in the state at the KSDC for the above purposes. Also, it has requested NIC to configure NKN connectivity to access the above required VMs between all universities to KSDC. Based on the request of the Higher Education department, the e-Governance Dept., and NKN of NIC-New Delhi have provided the IT infrastructure and secured network access respectively. The above two servers are meant for Application and Database purposes. These servers would be accessible only through whitelisted IPs of NKN (Mac/IPs of the identified client in the university premises). The NKN connectivity is likely to configure in such a way that any data/file transfer would be in encrypted mode (like SSL VPN) between the source and destination IPs/systems.
  • It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that the above-mentioned security features are configured before going for operation/production. Therefore, IT Co-ordinator of all the universities is advised to check and interact with the concerned officers in the KSDC for the compliance of the above-secured access. 2. given below gives more details about the operations


  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka a premier Health Science University in India was established on 1st June 1996 at Bangalore by the Govt. of Karnataka through its enactment of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka Act 1994 to encompass all the existing health science colleges and institutions which were earlier affiliated to the conventional universities in Karnataka with a purpose of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern and Indians systems of medicine.

How to check EMS Results rguhs?

Whenever the result is published Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) allows us to check their exam results by using EMS (Examination Management System) online.

How to check EMS Results rguhs

The student has an option of applying for Re-Totaling of marks within 10 days after the announcement of results by paying prescribed fees through Principal of college only.

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